Fine Jewelry for the Home

In finishing a fine home the hardware and fixtures, or what I refer to as the “jewelry” of the home, really put the finishing touches on a project. Items such as doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, cabinet door hardware, and pulls are items that you will touch and use every day. They may seem like small details but these items really differentiate a fine home from an average home.

A quality piece is something that you and your guests will notice. If you have an interior door that costs $700 and up, why not treat it to a really nice doorknob or pull? The same goes for plumbing fixtures. You will use and touch these every day and once again, a nice fixture can take an average bathroom and turn it into a fabulous bathroom. Door hinges, who notices door hinges? No one does until they are a high quality piece, then they make the door look and feel like a Rolls Royce. Even the lowly doorstop can be a piece of jewelry that makes a statement.

On a recent project we used two ornate features from Vintage Hardware and Lighting – a single pocket door mortise lock set and an Eastlake design pocket door handle with keyhole. Most of the door hinges and finials were from Baldwin and the plumbing fixtures were either Rohl or Perrin Rowe. The chandelier in the dining room is made of Swarovski crystal and the sconces were from Restoration Hardware.



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