Ford Strei Custom Built Home on River Road in Tarrytown

This Ford Strei Custom Built Home on River Road in Tarrytown is was a total teardown of an existing home. It is always fun the day the big claw comes to the site for the tear down. Lots of noise, dust and almost in the blink of an eye, the house is reduced to a pile of rubble. The neighbors all come out to talk, and within a couple of days, we are off and running to rebuild.

Project Overview

This home was a nice single story house with a very unique feature. A two story steel and wood screen porch with an upper sitting deck was part of the build. This gave the home not only a unique look but a feature that allowed outdoor use, almost year round. Another nice feature was the lap pool, right outside the door of the playroom, you could almost open the door and fall in. The house has a large kitchen, family, dining room. A separate TV playroom / music room was a very nice touch for this family. Four bedrooms with the master suite situated nicely away from all the activity.

Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Cueva de Oro in Rollingwood

This Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Cueva de Oro in Rollingwood is on a corner lot. The styling of this charming French traditional home was designed by architect James D. LaRue, and embraces the street on two sides. It offers a private countryside retreat with steep roof pitches, soothing materials, and an abundance of natural light.

Project Overview

This architect-designed home was allowed to evolve during the build process. The decorating team and client upgraded many of the finishes, such as the cut stone exterior to give this home a really refined look and feel. The pool and hardscape add a level of sophistication to this house that is a step above most homes.

Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Enfield in Tarrytown

This Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Enfield in Tarrytown was a brand new ground-up build. The lot was small and the plan called for a pool to sit between the main house and the rear guesthouse. We realized that to make this all fit within the City of Austin setback rules, the overhead power in the rear of the property would have to be relocated to an underground service. After this hurdle was overcome, the building process began.

Project Overview

The build went off without a hitch and we had a lot of fun working with Frank Welch who would fly down on a monthly schedule with his assistant for the usual question and answer sessions. There were many unique features involved with this build. It was what I like to call a “precision build” where each component had to fit perfectly and align to be spot-on. At the end of it all, the client has a perfect inner-city getaway with privacy that is hard to find in the middle of town.

Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Robbs Run in Tarrytown

The Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Robbs Run in Tarrytown has quite an interesting story. The home was originally designed and built by a local architect firm for the owner. The house was in a bad state of repair and was actually in the process of being demolished when we were asked to do the renovation. Structural walls were being removed and the house was about to fall down. We shored it all up and local architect Lou Kimball was hired for the design. We added to the house in many areas and straightened out the mess of the partially demolished structure to get on with the renovation.

Project Overview

From the exterior, this home really invites outdoor living at its finest, with private patios off each bedroom, an outdoor kitchen and a tranquil pool. Privacy walls and an arbor offer a sense of seclusion. The interior of the home provides a tasteful, understated elegance featuring unique wood floors, custom cabinets and rich, beautiful tiled walls and floors.

Ford Strei Custom Built Home in Johnson City

This Ford Strei Custom Built Home in Johnson City was designed by architect Lance Tatum. This project is a central component of a compound of buildings that includes guest quarters, an art and photography studio. Designed for a couple that had transitioned from urban living to country living, it is situated in a 6-acre site in an exclusive rural subdivision with strict development controls that promote environmental conservation and sensible use of indigenous materials.

Project Scope

The home was a ground up build starting with nothing but a bare piece of hill country acreage. It is an example of fine architecture that was created by allowing the build to take on its own identity during the entire build process. A close relationship with the owner and architect allowed for many of the little details to evolve as the house was being framed. The style of this home is contemporary while maintaining the feel of a well-heeled country home.

Development Overview

From the exterior, the look out tower is built well above the roof of the house and provides a 360-degree view of the hill country. The guest quarters and suites are detached from the main house to give the feeling of a private hotel. The interior cabinets are made of Texas pecan and the trim was all run from select vertical grain Douglas Fur. We built a floating wing ceiling in the main room, which conceals the HVAC ducting, grills, and lighting. Interior stone walls add a nice finishing touch.