Ford Strei Home Remodel on Weston Lane in Rob Roy on the Lake

Originally built in the 80’s this house had a very unique look and caused many to look twice when they first laid eyes on it. Pink brick exterior, along with all the various colors accenting trim, balustrades, and other exterior items created a statement for this house and bold exterior look. Many walked away and did not want to see what was inside of this bold vase mansion that sits on Lake Austin. The new and current homeowner did not shy away from this home. He had a vision and a plan. The plan was to make this once vacant home amazing again.

The project started off with the guest quarters, sampling cabinet styles, panels, trim details, etc. to pin down the lavish look for the main house and boathouse. Once the guest quarters were underway, our homeowner enlisted stone carvers from Europe for marble statues and mantles, along with some very special pieces of glass windows that are mounted throughout the house. A lighting and AV specialist were brought on for this project so that the house could be controlled electronically.

This lake front backyard is amazing with a separate pool house complete with a steam shower and full kitchen. In the main house the attic was converted into a media/movie room with a wet bar. Along with remodeling the main house, guest house, and the large yard the homeowner decided it was time to tackle a two story boat dock. This boat dock now looks just like the main house with brick veneer, copper gutters and trim, IPE ceilings and soffits, and with very nice millwork finishing off the elegant look.

One of the most prominent features of this house is all of the interior millwork. It took one of FSB’s talented crew of trim carpenters almost nine months to perfect all the interior millwork that this house has. Every moment in the house has a very intricate detail of wall paneling, crown and column details that all interface with the cabinets, marble statues, mantles, and stained glass features.The grand home can accommodate large parties and multiple guests leaving everyone enough room to find a special place to relax on Lake Austin.

Ford Strei Remodel on East Windsor Road

The architect’s vision took full form when all of the finishes came together. As you approach the house you see the same façade and style that the home previously boasted, but once you walk through the front door it takes on a whole different feel.

The modern clean lines and elegant details shine to make this home one of the finest examples of true remodeling with intent and purpose. The interior views of downtown Austin are simply amazing. The design played to the strengths of what the existing home had to offer and what the location offered. Creating a luxurious and functional living space.

With modern style builds, you set out to build a home that is so refined and tight, you can’t afford to be 1/8” off at the critical moments. The details you see when the product is finished start when you are laying your foundation.

A remodel of this proportion, with tight build tolerances, will no doubt have many evolutions, tweaks and changes along the way. The Windsor Rd project had the proper design team and the right clients to work through that process and make a fabulous one of a kind home.

Some of FSB’s amazing craftsman worked extremely hard to get all of the details as perfect as humanly possible. When you add top tier craftsman to a great design and build team you get an extraordinary product.

Ford Strei New Construction on Laurel Circle in Balcones Woods

This job was converting a carport into a true garage, with the exterior walls being board-form concrete instead of the typical wood frame. Board-form concrete has a highly desired finished look, however it is extremely labor intensive to do; as well, it requires tons of wood for the form work. This job has been unique and challenging.

The board-form wall is 14’ tall and only 8” wide and took three different pouring stages. Great care was taken to make sure each coursing was straight up, down, in and out, and the coursings lineup with key moments like windows and existing walls.
This garage has many cool and distinctive features that attract the eye. The corner window being one. The frame was set in the wet concrete which plays the role in water protection for the window. Setting the window frame totally level and plumb, then build the forms around the frame, then have all of the concrete coursings line up perfectly, and finally pour the concrete around it clearly took many hours and required all teams to be diligent and have an eye for detail.

There’s more to this garage than just the window and board-form concrete. This garage doubles as a “Man Cave” with a golf simulator, a deer head on one of the walls, a work bench, enough space for a sports car, and air conditioning. Not only does it look and feel good from the inside, this modern industrial garage looks fantastic from the outside. This project’s garage door, hardscaping, and landscaping really add to the cool look and feel to the house.

Ford Strei New Construction on Inwood Place in Tarrytown

This mid century modern was purchased by a past client of FSB with the intent to do a full on remodel. The architect team kept some of the existing walls and foundation as portions of the house in the rear yard setback.

Early on in this project the decision was made to go with a European door and window company. This was challenging due to the long lead time. Every door and window had to be ordered before framing and had to work, as all of these units had to meet the floor and ceiling to perfection. The main structure of the house had a fair amount of steel for the living room and cantilevered porch area. Another interesting feature is the bent steel plates that form a roof overhang/eave detail in many places. This house also got special care when it came to the interior cabinets and millwork. All of the areas of cabinets had to be built to very tight tolerances. The cabinet and trim teams pulled it off to perfection.

In the end,the house and yard have a very private feel, sort of like living in ones own private park area. This jewel box of a house is one that FSB and the new homeowners are very proud of.

Ford Strei Home Remodel on Rockmoor in Tarrytown

This Ford Strei Home Remodel on Rockmoor in Tarrytown started life as a typical ranch style home with a very uninspiring floor plan, the typical long and shallow front porch and very little character.

Tim Cuppett Architects designed the remodel around a specific list of requests made by the new owners. The wish list included keeping the existing footprint (add on only as needed to increase floor space), keep it a single story, create a large / dining / kitchen / family room where everyone can gather and be together. Plus they wanted to add a nice pool, screen porch and rear patio area to expand into the outdoors.

Project Overview

The design was finalized and the house was partially demolished. Portions of existing walls and the roof were saved and remained part of the new design. A large portion of the existing brick veneer was also salvaged.

An addition to the rear of the house allowed for a much larger kitchen, dining and screen porch area. The ceiling height of the formal portion of the house received a taller ceiling with a gently curved transition where the wall meets the ceiling.

Modern appliances, and new systems were installed to bring this house up to today’s standards. An addition to the front allowed for the creation of a guest bedroom and bathroom and allowed for a revised front porch, and entry area with an overhead steel arbor.

The interior features hardwood floors throughout the house with 4 full baths and a powder bath. The backyard received a new layout including a large pool and spacious deck area along with beautiful landscaping from S.B. Landscaping.

Ford Strei Home Remodel on Crestway in Highland Park

This Ford Strei Home Remodel on Crestway in Highland Park included an extensive remodel and addition to this one-story, mid-century ranch-style house. The house was situated on a lot where a downtown view becomes possible with the addition of a second story, positioned in the right orientation. Our architect designed a second story kitchen, office, and living space with an open porch outside, looking down onto the pool and hot tub, and looking right at downtown Austin. Spectacular view!

Project Overview

One interesting feature of this project was the “flipped” plan of having the kitchen and living areas upstairs with the bedrooms and entertainment areas downstairs. Our home owners can easily spend the day in either story, with ample rooms downstairs, tall ceilings, 8 foot tall sliding doors, and lots of windows looking out on the backyard and patio. There are grills both upstairs and downstairs on the patios and porches, as well as refrigerators. This allows our homeowners to cook and entertain from either level, eliminating the inconvenience of having to travel up or down for food.

Project Challenges

One of the challenges of this project was finding a matching brick to the existing, old Austin common brick from the original first story. The brick courses from the original first storyline up to the top of the chimney now standing above the second story. We had to dye old bricks we could find to get them to more closely match the existing—a first for us. The house features ample exterior porches and pool decks. This is an ideal house for entertaining, lounging, and enjoying great views of downtown Austin.