Ford Strei New Construction on Laurel Circle in Balcones Woods

This job was converting a carport into a true garage, with the exterior walls being board-form concrete instead of the typical wood frame. Board-form concrete has a highly desired finished look, however it is extremely labor intensive to do; as well, it requires tons of wood for the form work. This job has been unique and challenging.

The board-form wall is 14’ tall and only 8” wide and took three different pouring stages. Great care was taken to make sure each coursing was straight up, down, in and out, and the coursings lineup with key moments like windows and existing walls.
This garage has many cool and distinctive features that attract the eye. The corner window being one. The frame was set in the wet concrete which plays the role in water protection for the window. Setting the window frame totally level and plumb, then build the forms around the frame, then have all of the concrete coursings line up perfectly, and finally pour the concrete around it clearly took many hours and required all teams to be diligent and have an eye for detail.

There’s more to this garage than just the window and board-form concrete. This garage doubles as a “Man Cave” with a golf simulator, a deer head on one of the walls, a work bench, enough space for a sports car, and air conditioning. Not only does it look and feel good from the inside, this modern industrial garage looks fantastic from the outside. This project’s garage door, hardscaping, and landscaping really add to the cool look and feel to the house.

Ford Strei Home Renovation on South Hill Circle Tarrytown

This Ford Strei Home Renovation on South Hill Circle Tarrytown was originally a typical ranch-style house with a low roof and ceiling. The house was gutted and the roof was removed. The lumber was salvaged and later turned into planks for interior details. The design of the new build called for multiple additions to the foundation and careful use of steel components to carry the large overhangs and cantilevered upstairs areas. Additionally many areas of the house were built to accommodate butt glazed corner windows.

Project Overview

The interior of the house features an expansive master suite with sleek contemporary cabinetry millwork (built on-site) and high gloss walnut flooring. The master suite has a stone fireplace, which was a special challenge due to its location over the ceiling of the dining room below. All systems were replaced in the house including a lighting control system, and audio/visual systems.