Ford Strei Home Remodel on Crestway in Highland Park

This Ford Strei Home Remodel on Crestway in Highland Park included an extensive remodel and addition to this one-story, mid-century ranch-style house. The house was situated on a lot where a downtown view becomes possible with the addition of a second story, positioned in the right orientation. Our architect designed a second story kitchen, office, and living space with an open porch outside, looking down onto the pool and hot tub, and looking right at downtown Austin. Spectacular view!

Project Overview

One interesting feature of this project was the “flipped” plan of having the kitchen and living areas upstairs with the bedrooms and entertainment areas downstairs. Our home owners can easily spend the day in either story, with ample rooms downstairs, tall ceilings, 8 foot tall sliding doors, and lots of windows looking out on the backyard and patio. There are grills both upstairs and downstairs on the patios and porches, as well as refrigerators. This allows our homeowners to cook and entertain from either level, eliminating the inconvenience of having to travel up or down for food.

Project Challenges

One of the challenges of this project was finding a matching brick to the existing, old Austin common brick from the original first story. The brick courses from the original first storyline up to the top of the chimney now standing above the second story. We had to dye old bricks we could find to get them to more closely match the existing—a first for us. The house features ample exterior porches and pool decks. This is an ideal house for entertaining, lounging, and enjoying great views of downtown Austin.