How Texas Humidity Can Affect Wood and Paint

One of the challenges we face in Austin with interior finish work is, believe it or not, Humidity. You might ask, how can this affect the interior finish-out of a house? Wood expands and contracts based on the moisture content.

That being said, when cabinets, trim, interior doors, moldings, etc. are being installed these can all be affected by humidity. Here is what can and does happen if the humidity and weather are ignored:
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Fine Jewelry for the Home

In finishing a fine home the hardware and fixtures, or what I refer to as the “jewelry” of the home, really put the finishing touches on a project. Items such as doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, cabinet door hardware, and pulls are items that you will touch and use every day. They may seem like small details but these items really differentiate a fine home from an average home.

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