FSB recently poured the cement for the foundation on a current project. The design of the foundation is to help minimize the movement in Austin’s Clay soils. Since clay expands and contracts most modern foundations are designed to rest in deep piers with a void or air space under the actual concrete slab. This is accomplished by drilling and pouring deep, with bell bottomed piers for the slab to rest on. The interior of the slab is then voided. This creates the desired air space or void for the soil to move up and down and never come in contact with the underside of the slab.

One thing that is difficult for such a large slab is that it all has to poured at the same time. In this case, it took 15 men and approx. 14 hours from start to finish to get this one done. This slab also required a very large and long pump truck with a serious boom on it. All went like clockwork on this pour. Our thanks to our concrete man Dan for pulling it off on time in spite of the rain we’ve had almost every day in the month of May.