The Importance of Today’s Luxury Custom Home Builder

In today’s world of architect-designed homes, I’m seeing more one of a kind builds being drawn and requested. I often refer to these custom builds as “prototypes”, in that no one has built this exact home before. Sure, plans may be similar, but every home is unique in its own way.

The challenge of luxury custom home builders in building these custom homes involves managing the overlap between expectations and cost. Choosing the right builder to manage this process is essential to a successful build. The same set of plans given to three different builders will yield three different results that differ in the detail, execution, and cost.

In my experience a good builder can interpret the intent of the original design and deliver a home that matches expectations while being realistic about the overall cost of the project. No one can predict what the ultimate cost of a custom home, at least not down to the penny, but the right builder takes into account all components of a project and assigns realistic pricing and deadlines to each piece, preventing budget overruns. Equally important, is a builder’s choice in subcontractors and material suppliers. It is critical to use the right people who have a proven track record of success. A good builder has developed and maintained these relationships, ensuring quality craftsmanship.

A custom-built home is an extension of the client and a sacred investment. We take this into account on every job we build to deliver the results that make everyone proud.

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